Banana Man's Thoughts
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2005-02-09 22:56:31 (UTC)


Well I think I found out some things...both good and bad.
Well...I have a lead onto what this thing is. Sorry can't
tell you. And Shannon agrees with my ideas. Tomorrow is
the day.. THE day..Ugh...Tameara just completetly spilled
during lunch...I was crushing those nachos!! She got me
sooo upset cuz she said the opposite of what he said. Lol. is just ugh when you find the reason to stuff
and you dont like that reason....

Ok well...John makes me feel both happy and well "DIE"
kind of feeling XD. Lol...He probably reading this. Hello.
Well ya, hard to explain. I still like him. He did give me
my first hug, date, ect. And he kinda was my first "real"
boyfriend..the first I did stuff with. I was plainning to
give him my first kiss on Valentine's Day and I was gonna
give him all his favorite candies. Sour patch, icebreaker
sours, and 3 big lolly course I ate them
all XD. That's me...but the teddu is still alive...Only
because it is the cutest one I have ever seen. XD. Ugh oh
well. I have realized I hate being single and wich
Valentine's Day will pass and wont come back.. DIE

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