My Aphrodisiac
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2005-02-09 22:51:43 (UTC)

Mind is all over the place...

So, lemme give a brief update or whatever. So, Fred told
me I had misconstrued his words. Told me he was takin'
his momz out to lunch and would spend that evening with
me. I ain't even trippin' no more. I'm tired of dealing
with niggaz period. But uh...we chilled or whatever when
he came and got me. Wasn't doin' much of anything really.
Just spending time. Somethin' I don't get a lot of at all
as of lately. He don't realize that he finna let me slip
through his fingers. Like my nigga Fantasia say..."I ain't
gon' beg ya' no more. Sick and tired of waitin' don't know
what I'm waitin' for." Fa' real! His surprise was really
sweet...but man, I don't know how to get it thru to him.
I need attention. And if he ain't willing to show none he
gets none. For every one that won't, there's one that
will! Period. Well, I'm out for now...toodles.

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