2005-02-09 22:40:41 (UTC)

february 9 2005

hey today was boring. ash wednesday lol yeah im so sorry to
God for not keeping my lentin promises. im bad at that lol.
anyways. aj wont talk to me. and im really sad. and he
thinks its funny. and well its not. god he pretends like he
cant hear me and all of that. he does this alot. and i hate
it. and yes i still like him. and no i dont wanna make out
with him. and yes i want to meet patrick. and no i dont
wanna make out with him. because i dont really know how,
even though i think i do, i dont wanna do it wrong and well
that would just be embaresing so. i dont know what to do
anymore. god i think im just going to be a loser for life.
yay i got aim back. and well this is kinda gay but i had my
period for like 25 days and then it would stop for a couple
of days and come back and that happned for like a week. and
now i have had it for 5 days strait. i dont know whats
wrong with me and i dont want to see a doctor or tell my
mom so i dont know if it had anything to do with tampons.
so im kind of freeked out. ok well now that that is out in
the open. i have to go.
xoxo serena