The Diary of a Dead Girl..
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2005-02-09 21:35:16 (UTC)

It's no fairy tale..

Me and JuJu got into a fight today.. It started off like..
She was saying how hot Abe is and I got a little
possessive and I said something.. and she said no, I just
like him as a brother and I said that that sounded familar
because she said the exact same thing both times before
she started dating Austin. Then she got offended saying
that I don't trust her and the truth is, I really only
trust one person.. Well, we got into this big discussion
about it and now she's all like I'm depressed and shit.
She said that "It's so easy for you because you have
someone who cares about you". She has no idea. She thinks
that my relationship with Josh is some fairy tale
relationship and that we have no problems like at all and
she couldn't be any more wrong. We love each other so much
but that is what makes it so hard.. Since we live so far
away from each other.. we just.. I don't know how to
explain it.. It really affects us big time, the distance I
mean. She doesn't realize how much I would give up to just
be able to touch him.. to be able to look at him for just
a minute. Knowing that we have to wait to do all those
things makes it tough on the both of us. Sometimes it gets
to be too much and I guess that's what causes the
arguments sometimes. To know that you've found the right
person.. but you can't actually be with them.. that's
depressing. if only she knew..

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