beautifuly broken
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2005-02-09 20:35:28 (UTC)

lonely girl

She looked at herself in the mirror and spat on it. She couldnt
stand the person staring back at her. She could see the big dark
circles under her eyes and the cut marks all along her arms. As
she looked at her mascara and tear stained eyes, she saw the
blood on the floor and began to cry even more. What had she
done this for? why is she even crying? no one knows, not even
her. "Ich micht vertraut aber ich glabt," someone muttered behind
her. "what" she said back. "its something you taught me before you
turned to cutting and drugs as your last resort" the boy said. "yeah i
know but i didnt expect you to remember it" she replyed. "if you
need help remembering it means 'i dont trust, i belive' and thats
exactly what you need to start doing again. i love you so much but i
cant take the pain i see you go through." those 5 words had
triggered her off. they were the only words that she had been
waiting for her entire life. she loved him so much but he didnt know
and now here he finally was, standing there saying he loved her
so much

*moral of the story, remember "ich nicht vertraut aber ich glabt" (i
dont trust, i belive) its german!! well i was the girl in the story and if
you dont remember that one phrase you will turn out like i
did....please think before you do!!

oh yeah steven i do got sumthing 2 say back 2 u....das ist mich was
dien vati im bett gestren narch gesagt!! haha!! leck mich am arsch!!