My Crapy Life
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2005-02-09 19:50:05 (UTC)


I will now talk about the first and only time that I have
ever gone ice fishing. It was on some lake here in
Pennsylvania a long time ago. I dont remember what lake it
was. I do know that it was a very very big lake. We went
out and made a hole in the ice and put our poles in. We
never caught a fish. I was getting bored so I went around
and asked other people if they were catching anything. I
came up on a sopt where someone had shoveled all of the
snow off a spot. Apparently the sun had weakened the ice
on that spot. I walked on top of it and heard it begin to
make cracking sounds. I froze stiff. I could not swim at
the time either. I finally came around and tried to get
off. In my haste I fell on the ice. I held my breath at
that point. Thankfully the ice held up and I crawled off.
That was a very tramatic experience for me. I have never
gone ice fishing since. I go out on my creek when it is
frozen and play football because it is not deep.