My Crapy Life
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2005-02-09 19:49:07 (UTC)


Here is how I view all of my personal relationships. I
have several different kinds of friends. I guess you could
call a hierarchy. The top person on my list is known as my
best friend. And I might add that he already knows that he
is. I believe it was necessary to tell him and I wanted
too. The next level down is those who are good friends of
mine. Third in the order are just your average friends.
Fourth on the list are those who are not really true
friends but I do associate with them are friendly towards
them. My defintion of a friend is someone who is always
there for you through thick and thin. Someone that you can
talk to about anything. I will absolutely anything that I
can for my good friends and especially my best friend if
it is possible to do so. I what what some of you reading
this are thinking right now. And that is, why do you only
have one best friend and classify the good friends into
the next level? Because I believe that deep inside
everyone they have one person that they esteem higher than
the rest. Feel free to disagree with me it wont be the
first time someone has. I am also very loyal to my
friends. If you mess with them you mess with me. You dont
want to mess with me after youve messed with them , trust
me. I would also never stab any of them in the back.
Friends are as important to me as family. My experiences
public school have probably had a lot to do with how much
I esteem friends. To read more about that go to the page
titled public school. There is nothing that I enjoy more
than spending time with them and talking to them. Some
people may consider my views on friends as extreme but oh
well. That is how I feel and I will not hide it. I am also
completely honest for them. I stick up for them when an
injustice has been done. An injustice to them is an
injustice to me. I have recently taken a strong stand
involving an injustice that has been done. I would say I
have 8 goodfriends. And I am not really sure how many of
the others. You may get the impression from reading this
that I am soft but you can ask those that know me best and
they will tell you that I am not. I just take this very
seriously. I mentioned in my sports column that I can give
good speeches. I use that ability to give counsel to
friends when they need. When they are down I pick them up.
This is something that I am good at and am happy to do for
them. I am easy to get along with.