My lil life!
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2005-02-09 15:27:56 (UTC)

Feb09 Pissed at Sade!!

Dear Diary,

I was really pissed at Sade today. The girl has no respect!
She sent me a text early this morning that she was gona come
get cash and she dint even tell me some days earlier. What
does she think I am, her personal bank or something!?

She hasn’t been stayting home for over one week now, she’s
been staying at Awo’s place and I beginning to think she
inconveniencing the poor gurl, its ok if she stays a night
or two, but a week! And she still dosent wanna come home.
Well I had to step in. told her she cant go out no more and
how pissed we are at her, looks like it dint even bug her
until I had Shuntel talk to her and tell her how serious I
was. Well she finally came home but I still havnt given her
her money yet, I’d give her when i feel like, let her learn
her lesson.

After my first class I went out with mody to go do some shit
and when I got back to school by 3pm I wasn’t feeling like
going to class no more.. so I just cut class and went home
to take a nap, its been a really tiring day.

Plus I gatta pray for a Miracle and some how come up with a
research tonight for my methods of research subject if not I
gatta drop it tomorrow cuz that’s the deadline. Ima get to
it as soon as im done with this entry