oh The AGONY!!!
2005-02-09 15:08:43 (UTC)


I was starting to get worried that the thing between yohsuke and me would
fall into the category of one night stands. I`m not sure what exactly I want
from this, if there`s a future here or not, but I know I`m not the kind of girl
you do it with and forget about. Yohsuke doesn`t have my phone number,
but he didn`t e-mail me until after I broke radio silence on tuesday night.
things seem okay between us, so I`m feeling much more assured now. I
hope at the very least we can be friends.
I`m making him a mix tape. I always smoke too much when I do these
things, so I feel like my chest is about to tear open. I went over to daniel`s to
borrow his boom box. we`re sitting on his floor and I see some condom
wrappers laying next to his bed. at first I thought about not saying anything,
but fuck man! clean that shit up when I come over! we only broke up two
weeks ago. I didn`t tell him about yohsuke and me. I`m trying to be a little
more mindful of his feelings, although I don`t think I should fucking bother
with it anymore. I bet he did it on purpose. his new name is condom
Caroline and I talked on the phone for three hours tonight while I was cussing
at condom mountain`s boom box for fucking up my mix tape. this thing is
going to be art. I take it very seriously. open with some animal collective,
ease into the unicorns, bump it up with rapture, mix in some lil kim and fifty.
okay, there was a break in the flow there, but with mix tapes there need to be
little surprises. it`s gotta be like the texture of a kid`s cereal, every now and
then a heart or horse shoe shaped marshmallow. I wish I was as good at
other stuff as I am with mix tapes.
one more day of work this week, and then I have a three day weekend. I
supposed to go watch the girls get waxed, eat at that yummy chimichunga
place and go mountain hiking on sunday morning. I`m hoping to see
yohsuke sometime too. I`ve started a series of panels with felt and patches.
I`ve got a good feeling about it. It`s inspired by an article I read about the
tasmanian tiger, but once again, I`m too tired to elaborate more. k, bye.

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