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2005-02-09 14:39:14 (UTC)


Oh my gosh yestrday was pretty funny. I had tha tite ass day.
there was hella jockin n pimpin. It all started off when I
left tha house around 4 - 4:30. I left to pick up terry. See
if she wanted to go cruisin wit me. Some how this girl came
across my mind and we were talkin about her. She told me a
lil some that made me feel hella confident about my self.
She told me I would of had a date wit this girl. Only if I
ask her out.
Don't I feel special?... So is was about 5 alrdy. I thought
maybe lionz is tite right now. Tha fire works starts at 5. I
knew it wouldnt be fun if evryone wasnt here. So we calld up
Mike to tell that foo to come kick it. Anywayz I woke up
pretty piss off to day. So I decide to have fun that whole
day n just fuck everythang. I started to make hella jokes
sayin all these funny ass shit. We kick it til 6 I had to
bounce. I took terry home. Mike said he was gona come over
to pick me up
in 2 hours. So I went home n head on tha computer right away.
Damn I got folks wishin me a happy new years. I thought it
was til tomrow. That got me feelin a lil hifi. So I decided
to chat wit all these .. grrs. Oh my gosh this week I been
jockin , jockd on, met hella fine ass grrs, and they seem
interested in meetin. Yeah this grr said she gona call me
later n let me talk to her friend. But I feel asleep on
them. Iono if they calld me or not but I got a miss call.
Haha tet is gona be tite

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