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2005-02-09 14:24:59 (UTC)


Well, isn't this a difficult issue, but an important one
none-the-less. I don't know how to start, so i'll jump
into it. I'm a person about respect. I respect everyone,
so long as they respect me. A stranger off the street has
my respect, because, well, why not? Why can't they?

Whether its a high class person, or a bum, shouldn't they
receive the same respect? Are they that different?

But, there are different levels of respect, all matched to
different situations you are in. For example, your family
members. Don't you respect them more than a stranger, and
show them more respect......well, as long as they give it
back, right? What about friends? Well, you respect them as
friends. A companion, someone more than a friend, like a
girl/boy friend, or more...how do you respect them? More
than a friend? Less?

What is exactly more or less respect? For me, I guess its
the level of which you handle events with respects to that
other person in mind. For example, if you had a boy/girl
friend, would you cheat on them? Even though it is wrong,
mean, and all the other words; to me, its disrespectful,
and that is the worst image you can portray towards someone
that is close to you.

I have seen, and heard, both real life situations and
stories from friends where dis-respect was given. When you
think about it, it does hurt, especially when you put
yourself in that person's shoes. How would you feel if
your girl/boy friend was flirting with another person in
front of you? Sure they are friends, but still, their are
limits. What if its more than flirting...?

I have been disrespected many times before, and depending
onthe person, I have either forgiven them, or I have
forgotten them. Or there are times when you can't do
anything but accept it.

Driving to work, some driver cuts me off, and like any
other person, I honked at them. Why? I guess to both tell
him that I was there and that he should open his eyes, and
a signal to tell him off. He rolls down his window, and
flips the finger at me and drives off. What the hell was
that? Something like this has happened so many times, and
all I can think is "Who does this person think they are?"
as well as "I wonder how I can get him back..." Revenge,
now that is another story.

On the subway, the odd person would give their seat to an
elder, or even a pregnant lady. The odd person would let
the other person through the door first. A lot of people,
however, would hold the door open for the person behind
them, but not all. I almost decked one guy about this.

Whether I like a person or hate a person, I still show them
respect until they give me a reason not to. The person who
talks on their phone during the movie. The person who goes
double the speed limit weaving through traffic. The person
who runs through a closing door, having it slam shut for
the next person. The person who just watches as the
elevator door closes while you run to it. Or steps around
the person who drops their bags. The person who goes out
with their friends knowing their loved one needs them. Or
dances with another person without even letting their loved
one know about it. Or the person who kisses a girl on the
neck or cheek, while the boyfriend is a few feet away
watching. Why does this happen?

SELFISHNESS. People are selfish. Its not my problem,
right? As long as I am ok, who gives two shits about anyone
else, right?

It is those people, that inadvertantly, have the difficult
time in life, even though they think the total opposite.

--I think it is hilariously coincidental of how I am
writing this, and the song "Everybody want to rule the
world" is playing. Nice song, too bad its true.

For me, I try to show the most respect possible, to anyone
in anyway. There are times, I admit, I am selfish, but no
one is perfect. I don't like disrespecting my friends, and
therefore I try not to. I be honest with them, upfront with
them. Family members too. Isn't a lie disrespectful too?

With that special person, I respect even more. I respect
them in a way where they are heard, understood, and felt
comfortable. I respect them in a way where they are not
surprised by something unexpected. I don't tell them as I
am leaving that I'm going out with a bunch of girl friends,
or meeting up with an ex or something. I try not to place
any doubt in their minds; any doubt about trust. Trust in
me. They some what walk hand in hand, trust and respect.
The more respect, the more trust, and vice versa.

I have favorite hockey players. Favorite singers, and
actors. But do I trust them? Not really. For all I know,
they are an image, and nothing more. Firefighters, police
men, bus drivers, doctors...I respect them, and in turn, I
trust them. I trust them, for what they do, and as a
result, they have my respect.

Respect for me. Respect for my family. That is key to my
respect, and my trust. I won't be truthful with someone
that treats me like garbage, and I'm sure you won't either.
Take into respect my feelings, as I will have done the same
for you. Don't spite, or be vengeful, or try to get back
if someone you care about shows disrespect. Just let them
know, and if they are a true hearted person, they will feel
bad on their own. But sometimes, letting them know is the
hardest thing.

Respect is also displayed onto the actual person.
Do you respect yourself? Do you really? How do you act,
speak, dress? Do you do what you want, or what you should;
or what you think you should? Are you an image, a selfish
image to get attention, or do you act mature, respectful,
proper, and receive attention in that manner. How do you
want to be remembered? How do you want to be forgotten? Or
even worse...ignored?

Think of it this way. Whether its the head of a company,
the head of a family, the head of a team, or organization,
or group, or even the head of a gang, those "head people"
have one common thing going to them...respect. They are so
respected, that others are willing to follow them, to
accept them, to trust them.

Respect, it starts from the inside out. If you respect
yourself, its easier to respect others. If you respect
others, its easier to respect yourself. What a crazy
cycle, huh? Crazy, yes...but I respect it.