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2005-02-09 12:35:38 (UTC)


Well good morning! i'm in a very hyper mood atm, i'm at home
again, got up and the first thing people said to me was
"your not going to school today!" but i actually wanted to
go in! but mum and dad wouldn't let me! thats shit! oh well...
Oh yeah, i went to the doctors yesturday and apparently i've
got a viral infection which has nothing to do with drinking
too much! so YAY!!! Mum was like OMG you must have drunk
loads! but i told her i didn't! i mean, i was extremely
pissed, but still, i know my limits, and i knew i hadn't
drunk that much! and i was right! its a virus! MWhahahahahah!!!
Errm... what now... its lauras birthday party at the twist
tonight! i really want to go, coz it'll mean that i can see
everyone again, i havn't seen them all together for a while.
I miss richard. I havn't seen him since sunday, its now
wednesday, and i probably won't see him until friday or
something stupid!
I really should do some school work, but its so fucking
boring! i really can't be fucked!

I'm getting irritated now... i'm off!


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