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2005-02-09 06:21:24 (UTC)

i love valentines day

ok so ya its not valentines day yet but i was sitting with
my family watching tv when my dad goes out to the garage
and when he comes back he brought two 8" portable dvd
players. and all that my dad said was happy valentines day
i was pretty fucking excited you have know idea how
grateful thankful and pretty spoiled i am for it. and yes i
do admitt that i am spoiled but nooooo i am not a spoiled
bratt i hate rubbing things in others peoples faces and i
realize how greatfull and thankfull i am i dont know how i
deserve any of this because i dont and there are many
people out there who dont have much and then you have the
people who just sit back and all they do is care about
there needs and i am so greatfull that i live in this house
with this great family and how i am lucky to have what i
have and i am glad that i realize that and to beable to
appreciate for the things that i do have that many people
dont. so i just wanted to also thank all those who have got
me where i am today so THANK YOU!!!!

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