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2005-02-09 05:49:41 (UTC)


Tonight was one of those nights where I wanted to break
out in a thunderous roar of explatives. Let me tell you a
little something about ASI (aka Always Screwing
Innocence). This fucked up excuse for markert research
sees videos of fake Television programs sent out to the
unsuspecting public through extremely evil acts of
deception and double speak in exchange for opinions and
the oppertunity* to win products and cash prizes totalling
100 bucks. In reality, it's all about the commercials.
Yah, the fucking commercials. Opinions on the commercials
is all ASI gives a fuck about. And who gets the pleasure
of forcably extracting these opinions? Why the sorry likes
of people like me.

"Uncle Ben's a charming brand., completely, somewhat, or
not at all?" ... "Describe the commercial as if you were
talking to a friend." ... "The Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
commercial stirred your emotions., Do you strongly agree,
somewhat agree, neither agree nor disagree, somewhat
disagree, or strongly disagree."

For fucks sakes, stirred your emotions. And then of course
I get the stupid messages of proding and poking and
attempts of stimulating productivity through the guise of
encouragement. "You guys rock! The flow rate is 1.26!
Let's aim for 1.6 by the end of shift!!"

I can hear the soul exit people's bodies as I trudge
through the deception marathon. I have to check mine at
the door. And the best are the token questions about the
fake television program at the end of the survey; if we
didn't insult your intellegence enough already, this will
definately clinch it! 5 token program questions vs. 150
commercialized questions. You've been had!

Today was particularly bad. We were whoring diabetics,
Diabetics! for some new space age glucose testing machine.
I wanted to apologize after each call. I can't take much
more of this. I shudder at the prospect that I am
assisting in this ass-fuck of a program. If it wasen't for
Monday's with Alison, I'd really strongly be considering
other employment oppertunities.

I hate capitalism! I hate I hate, fuck I hate it!!! ASI is
the essence of capitalsm. Lies, deception, facades, profit-
orientation, preying on the sub-conscious of the masses to
pursue their diabolical ends! ARGH!! I don't want to
exchange my time and services for some crummy wage and
this whack purpose. They are trying to erode my spirit and
essence. If only there was some way I could sabotage ASI.
I would put myself out of work for that end. Talk about
your worthwhile end. ASI, something the world could do

*i have it under good instinct that there really is no
oppertunity of this kind. Just another ploy on the ploy

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