My Silent Legacy
2005-02-09 05:44:09 (UTC)

Just another day in........

Well lets see here....
I got up I went to school...nothing interesting really
happened...Gosh im attracted to Mrs. Lane lol
Ive pretty much gave up on a relationship with Samantha
right now. I didnt even stay with her during lunch today.
Since Nick and her are talking again I decided to stay
with Dana during lunch today. I missed talking to Samantha
but oh well. I really want a relationship right now but i
dont believe it is going to happen any time soon :-( It
really does depress me....
I find it hard to concentrate in 4th block i usually
either read or stare of in
After school I talked to Hope fer awhile then Nick and I
went out to eat....I drank alot of hot chocolate and I
have a burn on my tongue now lol
Afterwards we went to Cheap Thrills to find me an Alanis
Morissette cd then to Wal-mart to find one...Needless to
say I ended up not buying one...
I came home, took a nap...poured some more water in my
fish bowl hoping to make it cleaner but I think I just
made matters worse...I will clean it soon lol
Tommro everyone (grandma,aunt,mom,sister,niece) is going
out of town to see my oldest sister except me cause it is
her b-day..I cant miss school because I do not want to get
behind...i wish i was going I miss her and my niece and
nephew up there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!! I LOVE YOU!
I wrote a new poem isnt very good but oh
well...Im sleepy...goodnite

I Must Leave

There is so much
I wish you would say
I wish you would try to stop me
from going away

I see you now
You stopped needing me
So why hang around
Where I need not be?

I do not understand
what goes through your mind
But I know it isn't me
at this time

Though I know somewhere inside
You shall miss me one day
And when that one day comes
I will not be far away