Experimental Psychology
2005-02-09 04:31:50 (UTC)

HILL 2-2

-Ethical obligations of the scientist
-They should leave the same way they came
-Lowest form of life worms instead of primates
-Special populations are only on applicable studies
-Treat them with respect
-Protect their dignity
-Care for their welfare
-Research is never more important than Ss welfare
-must be honest with all aspects
-design measurement, collection, analysis,
reporting, protection, maintenance, disposal.
PI is always legally responsible for all aspects and
ethics of research
History Behind the Ethical Guidelines
Mistreatment of Ss
-MR patients & hepatitis
Data collected under inappropriate circumstances
Nazi doctors
Milgram study
Mk ultra?
Nuremburg Code – basis for all subsequent codes (federal &
Current Guidelines
Federal law – Institutional Review Board (IRB)
- review committees for proposals
- Assesment of possible risk
- Informed consent (in writing), if risks
- Description of research to Ss
- Share nature, procedures, their role, anything
that might discourge participation w/Ss

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