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2005-02-09 04:15:58 (UTC)

Bowling and Lots Else To Talk About

Well today was a very long day. First, I had school, which
seemed to take forever for classes to get over. After that
it was off to the Great Grandparents to sit with my Great
Grandpa for a little bit. He hasn't been doing too good
lately. So, after I was there, I left to come back home to
get myself ready for the dentist appointment. I headed
back home to shower and get myself ready for bowling. I
talked with Stef for a little bit online, listened to some
Toby Mac, Savage Garden, and some other singers. Kind of
sad listening to some of them.

Well tonight I had bowling at Georgetown. I bowled rather
well tonight for like the first time in a while. I was
high man with a 654, Dan with a 627, Matt with a 617, my
dad with a 545, and Dustin with a 532. Not bad, we
actually won 3 games.

My life has been a struggle, well I dont know if you want
to call it a struggle. But within the past 5 years or so,
I've had 4 relatives pass away. So my heart and me dealing
with it all hasn't been all great. I've been so sad that
some days I think and think about what life would be like
if they were still here. My Grandpa John passed awaw in
2003, my great aunt and great uncle passed away about 3
years ago, and my Great Grandma on my moms side passed away
4 years ago. Now my Great Grandpa isn't doing so well, so
it's even a more burden on me, because I always have to
stay with him and get through school. Its just so hard
because I dont like to see people struggle or have to be
sick all the time. Its just not a good thing to watch and
see all the time. Well this is all I'm going to write for
now before I start to cry, I'm already getting teary-eyed.

p.s---thank you ashley for responding to my one Journal,
your the greatest friend of all

~Joshua Ryan~