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2005-02-09 03:16:20 (UTC)

why love is so tuff

the other day i was out with a few friends and i met this
guy that i had met along time ago and we had a great night
with him and i dont know whats goin to hapeen because i
know for a fact that he would never be interested in me ,
like my friends have told me that when they have been
around him befor that he wouldnt really talk and that they
were suprised that he even talk to me that night but i am
glade that he did ,but i still know that he will never be
interested in me so theres really no point.
now there is my work ,like there is this guy that comes
in like 2 times a week just to see me and i dont even know
his name i just call him gourgous i mean he is so amazing
but i dont even know his name i have no clue how to deal
with the way my love life treats me i meet all these
people that would never have anything to do with me im

got anything to do about it to help..