Keekee's journal
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2005-02-09 02:20:19 (UTC)

school stuff

well Carlissa and Heather need to stop being such sef
centered jerks. Don't they kno that I do have feelings!!!
I waz sitting at lunch and heather started whispering
stuff about me to people!!!! WHEN I WAS RIGHT THERE!!!!! I
mean come on how freakin stupid is that!!!!! but yeah I
don't give a crap what they say. I mean sorry but it
really doesn't bug me. They can both just soak in their
sourness... I hope they get in deep trouble!!!! and right
now I really don't care who reads this I Want the whole
world to know how selfish they are....and lucas likes
someone else which in a way is alright but i really don't
know. I think I still really like Isaac. I just want
someone to be my valentine... LUV YA FOREV, keelin

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