goddess of imaginary light
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2005-02-09 00:39:00 (UTC)


im really happy right now...
i mean i dont go to classes nearly as much as i should
but ive come to a realization
i can change my life i dont have to wait around for others
i can let myself be happy
and i am
when i go to school i enjoy it...
i have some great friends who i dont know
what i would do without
ive met some really special people recently
who i hope will be with me for a long time
i even met my twin!!
randie is awesome and she wears leg warmers and high heels
too!!! fuck yes!

of course things happened that i wish i couldve changed
but had no control over....but thats never works
out the way you want it to

right now....

this brandnew in my hands

the quiet things that noone knows