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2005-02-08 19:08:07 (UTC)

fukin hell!!

i feel so shit!!! i cud hardly move this mornin so i tuk
soooo many pain killers!! the 1st 4 hours of bein up
i ad 4 paracetamol, brufin an i felt kinda ok
4 abit but then i got all delerious wen i woke up! probly
got 2 hot i fink...neway now the fukin msn dusnt work! an
i reli wana talk 2 ppl! not goin in 2mora but i wana
go 2 the 6th form open evenin 2mora nite an i wana go in
on thursday so i reli need 2 get lioadsa sleep so i can
move on thursday mornin!...i reli fukin wish i cud get
online!!!! i reli wana talk 2 ppl!!! i avnt much in the
las few days an i reli cant stand it nemore!!!

2day as bin abit shitty! big bruvas gf finished wiv
him 2day an hes reli gutted...they were 2getha 4 8
months!!!...neway i beta not get in2 that...

man im bord!! i jus wana get online!!!!!

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