Visions Of Life
2005-02-08 18:40:33 (UTC)

My Brother- Update

He upsets me so much, even though I try to act tough and
say things about me wishing he were dead. Im afraid that
if he dies, my dad will die, literally.

Not sure on the time frame of this anymore so bare with me:

He was living in New York with his grandma after my dad
kicked him out for drinking and violating probation. His
grandma didnt believe that Rob was mentally ill and had a
drinking problem. We thought he was working or doing okay,
but my dad found out later that he was charged twice for
shoplifting liquor and that his grandma kicked him out
because of this.

He cannot return to Colorado because he left the state
without notifying his probation officer and if he is
caught in Colorado, he will be in jail for two years.

Anyways, since he couldnt go back to Colorado, his uncle
sent him to Minnesota, where he stayed before with a
friend of his deceased mom. He did alright there last
time. The friend is very religious and Rob was almost
normal last time he was there. Here is where the story
turns dark....

My dad is in Vegas on business and gets a call from
someone, perhaps the grandma. Rob was kicked out of the
friend's house. She said that he was mentally unstable and
creepy, and she couldnt have him living there anymore. We
really dont know what happened. It is minus 20 or so
temperature-wise in Minnesota at night. He was found
passed out in a snow ditch in the middle of the night from
alcohol. The person who found him couldnt revived him so
they called an ambulance. After pumping his stomach he was
revived, but just barely. He had drunk 8 times the legal
limit and was minutes from death. If that person didnt
find him at that time he would have been dead. He also
suffered frostbite and other injuries.

When he regained conciousness he called his grandma who
called others. He told the hospital his dad was dead and
that he was in Minnesota for his moms funeral. His mom
died almost a year ago and our dad is healthy. They
wouldnt talk to my dad for some time because of Rob. Rob
had withdrawals so bad that he was at risk of a stroke
because of the violent shaking. They put him in a rehab
program. He was out in 2 weeks instead of 30 days so I do
not know if he walked out or if it was a shorter program.
He is still homeless in Minnesota to my knowledge. He is
on waiting lists for half way houses, but if they find out
about his warrants in New York and Colorado, he cant stay.
I havnt heard anything from when he was released so I have
no idea if he has a home yet or if he is dead. Its quite
depressing because this is the guy I looked up to all of
my childhood. He used to be such a great guy. Very smart
as well. I dont know how people let alcohol ruin their
lives. Him being mentally ill also doesnt help, but I
think he is a bad person now. I just hope something is
resolved so my dad can sleep at night...