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2005-02-08 18:37:52 (UTC)

The truth shall set you free...

Truth. This one word is a loaded one. Full of emotion,
feeling, pain, and happiness. We all, one way or another,
hide from the truth, or a truth. We disguise it, hide it,
cover it up, pretend it doesn't exist, and sometimes we
even ignore it. Worse..sometimes we make ourselves believe
the truth is actually wrong.

What is this truth? Well, its hard to explain. I guess,
the truth is the way it is, the way it will be;... the way
it should be?

I've read many books, seen many tv shows and movies, and
have witnessed many arguments and discussions, and even
lectures. One thing that I have noticed in all of them,
however, is that, when a truthful statement is made, the
room falls to a second or so long hush, as if God himself
had silenced the earth. After that, reactions...good or
bad...are expressed.

I know, these thoughts of mine are ambiguous, not really
focused. More like beating around the bush, right? Well,
to tell you the truth, this word is a difficult one to talk
about, yet it is easy enough to constantly think about.

The truth, which I explained before, is a view or idea of
what eventually will happen or result or feel. Its not a
future teller, but, it does help you prepare for the
future. For example, if you study for 3 hours before a
test, you can tell yourself you are ready because you don't
want to study anymore, even though the truth, buried deep
down, says that you aren't. You tell yourself over and
over that you are ready, but are you? Are you just telling
yourself what you want to hear? There is that feeling in
the back of your mind, a doubt, a question mark indicating
that things may not be as they seem. You could deny it,
the truth that is, and pretend that its your mind playing
tricks on you, or you could embrace it and trust it.

Trust, that another word that is loaded. Because, with
trust comes the truth. (After all, they are only one letter
off from eachother) Think of it this way, if a stranger
walks up to you and asks for your numbers, what do you do?
Will you tell them the truth, or hide the truth with a
lie? Most likely you'll hide it. Why? Because there is no
trust between you and that stranger. Now, if a friend came
up to you, a close friend, and asked, you'll most likely
give them your number (assuming they don't have it yet).

We are all unique. YET, we are all alike. We all have
truths in us, truths about us. Truths about who we are.
Sometimes its pleasent, sometimes scary...but this depends
on your view of the truth, and especially your

So here we are, in life...all of us. We walk around all
day, interacting with people, friends, family, putting on
an act that everything is alright, putting on an act that
is acceptable to the norm. An act that everyone is
expecting to be displayed, because, after all, they are
putting on the same act as well. Are we puppets? Possibly.
We all hide from our truths, because we hide from what it
reveals and what it means. When the truth hurts, we
pretend it doesn't exist.

Ex. You find out a loved one has cancer, life threatening
cancer. Its there, proven. They WILL die soon, right. But
what do you tell yourself. You say that things will be
ok. "It'll be ok....be strong" You deny yourself the
inevitable, only to protect yourself.

So now I wonder, how many events and occurances and
feelings were denied in a life time? And, from those, if
they were acted upon, how would life be compared to now?
If you HAD realized you weren't ready, and you studied a
bit more, would that mark had gone up. If you had acted on
a feeling or emotion or thought or idea, and accomplished
what you THOUGHT wasn't right, what would happen. If you
HAD told the truth to your boss about a fellow employee
stealing, what would that mean? What would that do? How
would that alter future events?

We walk around, as if in a masquerade. Hiding who we are
from others. Sometimes we lose sight of who we really are.
But its the strong that remember, and fight to keep

Anyways, to be honest, and truthful, I think I've confused
myself up to this point. So I'll stop writing. All I know,
is the truth and trust walk hand in hand. Without one,
there isn't the other. If you trust someone, you'll tell
them the truth....if you tell them the truth, you must
trust them....right?

I trust myself. I am true to myself, most of the time.
Thats the truth. Do you trust it?

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