Tales of a Sissy Pig
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2005-02-08 18:36:35 (UTC)

Frustrated Pig

Got in last night and Mistress was not online I was
wondering if her new shoes got in. I ended up getting off-
line thinking she was out.

Woke up this morning and found a message from Lady Sybil.
I had missed her online.

Did my chores wearing only my stockings and heels.
Mistress told me to get in maid mode so I have been doing
more housecleaning. I had a fantasy about having to clean
Mistress house in my maid outfit with a butt plug in my

I went out and tried to find a maid dress and couldn't.
Have to order another one since the other was out of stock
and wait all over again.

Mistress Sybil has not allowed me to see her on cam. I
miss it so much. I am so frustrated. I am out of money
so I know I wont get anything.

I was thinking more and more about having a live session
with Mistress. I asked Mistress about it but she
wouldn't discuss it with me, she says I am a scared sissy
and wont discuss it until I make plans to come out.

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