Visions Of Life
2005-02-08 18:18:27 (UTC)

So Very Busy

I have been so busy lately with school and work. I am used
to going to school fulltime, but only being on campus one
or two days a week. I go to campus four days a week and
work 5 days a week,40 hours. I think its only getting to
me because I was deathly ill for two weeks and my lack of
sleep didnt help me. But I am mostly better, have been
getting A's on tests, and have two days off.

Life is going great. I wish I saw my husband more though,
but he is so sweet. He cooks dinner for me every night,
even when I get home at 11pm. He will bring me breakfast
in bed if I am around past 5am. We are attempting to get
away for a couple of days maybe during my days off next
week. It is a valentines/his birthday plan. We have
cavier, aged whiskey and fun plans. Now its a matter of
choosing the hotel in Blackhawk. I am excited, especially
since these last few weeks I have been too busy or sick to
have fun.

I am probally considered very boring but i love my
domesticated life. And i love learning new things at
school. I caught up on sleep today so I am bright eyed and
bushy tailed and ready to conquer the world. Or at least
the used bookstore because I need some new reading
material and also need to fill my 5th bookcase.