My lil life!
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2005-02-08 16:43:37 (UTC)

Feb08 Barbie Barbie Barbie...

Dear Diary,

Today was good. I finished the documentation for my CRC
(comm2) project and the shit actually works, I mean the
circuit we built. My group mate Nap was here last night and
we were working on it till bout 3am. We passed it to the
proff and she tested the circuit on the breadboard and it
fucking works, we’re the second group in the whole class
who’s CRC has been accepted. Now all thats left is to put
the circuit on a PCB and package the shit. I’l pass that
next week.

Deadline for Methods of research is on Thursday and todays
Tuesday, if I don’t come up with something im gonna have to
drop the subject. And the irony is that my proff is
encouraging is to drop the subject. Shit!

On my way home, I learnt that Parker is in the hospital, the
poor dude dislocated his left arm while trying to reach for
something in his house. Shot! There goes my gym partner.
Damm I pity the poor dude, this is like the 5th time or so
his getting himself in the hospital.

I text Barbie and one way or the other before you know it,
she’s now my girlfriend.
Huh!!!??? What was that u ask??

Well Barbie and I go back since last year. This babe’s got
one hellova ass! She S-E-X-Y!
I did her about twice last year and everything started
becoming all complicated. U know how it is. You cant totally
pretend you have no feelings for someone your screwing when
indeed you know she’s the best you’d probably get in a long
long time.

Barbie’s gat so many boy friends and she told me plays with
guys. This very moment she’s gat two already. I so badly
need a steady babe I could fuck. Someone whos ok and I
actually like and not weird. But even if Barbie plays guys,
she no bitch so if I wana get down with her I gatta be one
that bf level. I was like “wat-a-hell I’ll be ur boyfriend”
it really makes not difference to me but it makes her feels
legit in some way. I could still screw whoeva I want cuz she
already polygamous hehehe.. the “bf” thingy is just a word.
Wateva dude….

Damm she’s got a fine ass!!!!!! But she school outa town so
sh’ll only be in town wikends. Well till den. I still havnt
seen her in like 4months.

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