Richy's Ramblings
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2005-02-08 16:30:41 (UTC)

Respodaire sil vous plait

I just got some feed back about my dairy!
It is so nice when intelligent people send you messages
with a positive air.
Well, don't blame me for spelling the french wrong, as I
wasn't very good at school. My main subjects where Science,
Art, Maths, Music and English so dont ask me anything about
foreign laguages or history, I'm not good at that kind of

They do say you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, but I have
enough problems with the internet to last me the rest of my

I was thinking tha it would be, the same nonsensical rubish
that you get from some people, but the wods where complete!
All of that "how ru, g2g, ffs, omfg, fcol & wot u up2" just
makes me think 'what are these kids prattling on about?'
Well, I must be old then, I'm complaining again!

Have fun, and remember,
The English language is our friend!


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