My River Within
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2005-02-08 15:22:09 (UTC)

First dAY of my new DAWN

well i woke up 2day at around 8am, aid my goodbyes to mom
and her freind, they clean houses during the day. I just got
done watching BUtterfly effect again, for the 2,000 times.
OIts amaxing how watching a moive 16times and then the 17th
time u realise how great the movie really is. BUT now im
plannin on renting Cold Mountain on of these days, i heard
from a close friend thaat i should watch it. its sounds
interesting. BTY anyway my brother should be here anyw hour
now, and he said he would give me a ride for me to get a
trim at the barber shop a holy kinda place, i like it
there. they're funny telling stories while they gcut
hair....then after that maybe take ashower, and try n get my
car issues settles so i can before i got to go back to wotrk
again, be able to drive once over again. I HAD a great nigte
lsat night, kinda of aawakining. well thats it so far in my
head. hope evetyhitng 2day turns out gravy. i need to talk
to my father b4 i go to sleep before midnight. well thats it
for now, much peace much love and ill try my bets not to be
so crazy2day, hehe inside joke!

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