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2005-02-08 14:17:19 (UTC)

Reasons Being a Secretary Sucks - an ongoing list


1. Supervisors calling out, "[Insert name here], the
printer has tray 2 empty!"

[my growling answer - SO PUT IN MORE PAPER YOU MORON!!! -
how fucking dependent must you be???]

2. Wheezie arrives and my day goes to shit upon hearing
her LOVELY cackling voice...

3. Hearing things like, "Thanks, [insert name here], for
doing that. It would have taken me forever, it's not
really my thing." I realise people are being nice but you
know what? Transcribing messages and making photocopies
and sending faxes ISN'T REALLY MY THING EITHER. That's not
why I'm drowning in debt and why I spent seven fucking
years in school. SO SORRY. [-frustrated growl-] At least
to that one I said, "It's not really my specialty, either,
but I can type fast..." (for the message transcribing)...

4. No respect, no leniency and no compassion. You are a
drone and a pion and you will remain a drone and a pion,
especially here where the big boss of the "support staff"
is a heartless, cold, unempathetic, almost un-human
bitch... (I say this without complete personal knowledge of
this b/c I trust my sources and I've seen her in action
enough to know she's not nice at all...)

5. Having to listen to Wheezie wheeze and bitch and moan
about nothing - constantly.

6. Having to pick up Wheezie's personal packages from
reception from the Shopping Channel. Is there somewhere I
can complain about this? FUCK.

7. Stayed until 1900 last night (20050209) and no one
would even blink twice at jumping my ass if I were five
minutes late this morning.