My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
2005-02-08 13:13:37 (UTC)

CoNt. To LaSt EnTrY

Aint it funny how songs bring you back to the past? I hear
a song and it takes me back to something I was doing when I
hear that song before. Ya know what I mean? I was just
listening to some Will Smith LoL lame I know, but I swear
it reminds me of the summer time. When I was 16 and didn't
have my license yet and I remember my stepmom would let me
drive her car for a little while. Me and my stepsister
would be bumping to Will Smith. I can picture it just like
it was yesterday. When I hear that song by City High, What
would you do? It takes me back to where me and Jenna riding
around in her car. After my accident. Of course everytime I
hear Over and over again reminds me of Kelly and the
skating ring, and that's also my ringtone by the way. I
think it's cool how songs can do that. Take you back so far
and so well that it almost feels like you're reliving it.
Okay, one thought for the day for you to think about. Enjoy!

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