How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-02-08 12:50:24 (UTC)

Sick Or Just Sick And Tired?

Well work is going great, I have made it already and well
for some reason am going to be a Co-ordinator soon and learn
the ropes for everything at the school with the Preppies and
the older kids...whom im probably going to want to smack the
shit out of. I'm so beyond ready for co-ordinating but we'll
just have to wait and see yes?

It was one of the prep girls birthdays today, she turned 5
and brought a cake to school and was a little shy about it
but soon told me that her favourite colour was purple, so we
share that together. I am trying to get a trust bond with
her but i dont know just yet...give her time.

Another one of the girls can just draw and she is only
four!!! She drew an almost identical picture of a front
cover of a childrens book, i couldnt believe it!!! So
yes...great day at before school care...loved it.

Currently though i am feeling really really shit. I havent
been sleeping great as of late cos my sleeping pattern is
fucked over since forever but i have been feeling feverish,
nauseous and gastric since about 5pm today but just going
about my daily shit cos i cant complain really...some people
are worse off. My head has been caning almost all day, took
panadol and have been drinking lots of water so i dunno,
just probably feeling off from the crappy sleep pattern and
the was 36 at 9:30am today...pretty shit if you
ask me. I'm finding it almost unbearable at the present
time. But nevermind we will wait and see if it cools

I'm fucking tired, yawning as i type but im not going to bed
until my usual time of whenever lol. its pretty hot in here
so i may go and get under the fan but yes we'll see as i said.

Hey Princess, just so you know, I Fucking Love You. Thank
you for the past two mornings of smses before work, i know i
dont say it often enough, but i seriously do appreciate them
and everything else that you have done and do for me. I'm
sorry i have been so shit today, I fucking love you baby.
I'm so in love with you angel, mWAH!!! Thank you for making
my every day wonderful and complete. I love you so much and
i will neverbe able to thank you enough. I Love You xoxoxoxo

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