the way it has to be
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2005-02-08 11:46:45 (UTC)

A night to remember...

What kind of night is a night to remember? I had many of
them this weekend. What has to happen for one to say "it
was a night to remember?" Let me tell u the story ...


Friday night was a great night. I dropped off my brother at
his friends house for a party and then i went to a friends
house. We watched a movie, we talked for hours, just spent
some quality time together. He is an amazing person, thanks
a bunch for friday!!


What a night on saturday!! I don't know how to explain the
amount of fun i had. 6 of us went to Venue nightclub on
Saturday night. There was 2 girls and 1 guy from
highschool, and our guy friend brought 2 of his friends. I
got to see my cousin for a short time, while he made our
drinks then the party started. The club was small but it
was packed. I danced with my guy friend from highschool,
and also with one of his frinds, who's actually pretty good
at what he does. Lucas you're dead for brusing me!!! The
guys wanted to leave at around 1 because they had to get up
nice and early and drive all the way to Newmarket to pick up
a motorcycle, so when 1 came around, one of the girls took
our guy friend from highschool and started dancing with him,
I took his friend and did my thing (we ended up doing this
every time they wanted to leave). We got the guys to stay
until the time we left. I must admit that was a night to


What can i say about sunday, didn't make it into work,
couldn't roll out of bed for 6:30 when i got home at 4:30.
Wasn't feeling too hot either, head was pounding but it was
worth it. I was invited to go and watch the superbowl at my
buddies house (the ones from saturday night), it was a lot
of fun, considering i think football is a pointless game.
What can i say, I'm a chick, I don't understand the concept
of guys killing eachother for a ball (which doesn't even
look like a ball because it's not round, it's somewhat
pointed on both ends. I don't know, maybe it's the estrogen
running through my body, but i don't get it!

So maybe i should say that it was a weekend to remember, all
the friends that i spent time with this weekend all have a
special place in my heart. Some i've known for 7 years or
more, and others i've known for about a month, however they
are all special to me. This is a time in my life where i
need to spend some time with my friends as well as focus on
the things that i really need to worry about, like school.
What i do when i'm not in school or doing my homework is
going to show people who i am and what i can do. Life is
great, because i can experience it with great people.

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