Is This What It's All About ?
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2005-02-08 03:43:56 (UTC)

Work & Imperfections

Came in @ 9:00 & immediately Jennifer started asking can u
show how 2 do this, that, etc... She needs 2 take a crash
course in knowledge 101. I know she will hire Patti so she
does not have 2 wait 4 the learning curve.
Steve was so sweet 2 invite me over 4 dinner, it was a
pleasant end 2 a not so pleasant say. Hmm right now Misu
is trying to shove something down the heating vent... Ah,
got up and rescued the threatened feather.
Ok, so he is a good cook, a good friend, totally exposed
all my vunerablities 2 him. My god, am I an idiot, I trust
him totally. I have never felt so comfortable around
anyone for a long time. I am gad he let me know there is
room in his life for another friend/person. I would hate 2
loose him as a friend. I cannot find one imperfection with
this man it's nerve racking. Well at least I can say I
have let someone who is genuwine in.
Well it's time 4 my head to touch pillow and find the
tranquility of slumber and please let me sleep throughtout
the night. And so a prayer for all those I love and have
cared for and lost.