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2005-02-08 03:43:37 (UTC)

Feb. 3, 2005

I just sneezed. I wonder if it's from Joe's hat? Oh my
gosh. This week has been quite crazy. I lost my keys
again...but this time it
was legitimate because my key chain broke between Chenery
auditorium when we went to see St. Olaf's choir and Qdoba.
There are other things but I have to mention the hat story
because it's really strange. So I left lunch today and
went back to Dalton while Trish went back to her room. I
was walking along and here comes Joe Curry, wearing a very
nice MSU baseball cap. I stopped and he gave me a hug,
which that in itself is rather unusual. Then I said
something about how I really really liked his hat, and he
asked if I'm an MSU fan. DUUUUUH!!!! (hahahaha)
As he
walked away, he took off his hat and gave it to me! I'm
like, "Uhhh, Joe....what are you doing?" and he goes, "I'm
giving you my hat, duh!" and proceeded to walk away! I
yelled, "I'll give it back when I see you later!" I don't

know. If it were Brendan I'd just laugh but it's JOE.
What?!?! Haha. Anyway. I did get a BIIIIG SURPRISE.
AAAAAUGHHHH!!!!!!! He e-mailed a few
times and even called
me late Tuesday night, but not only did I miss his call,
my stupid phone didn't record his number. What the butt.
It'll be really fun to see him since I haven't seen him in
over two years, but I wonder if he's s cocky as he used to
be, hey, Lisa? He probably is. He's in Phi Mu Alpha. Hmm.
So tonight Trish, Andy and I are going to the jazz
ensembles' concert up in Dalton. I'm really excited
because I haven't gone to one of their concerts yet, and I
LOVE jazz, and I REALLY miss playing in jazz band, and
Colin's in the lab band! Yeah! HAHAHAHAHA oh gosh. Funny

story. Yesterday was Colin's birthday; Trish and I got him
a really funny card and we wrote him a very lovely poem
(haha NOT) inside. After he opened it up and read it we
somehow got on the topic of llamas and he proceeded to
make the sound of a llama (or at least what he thought was
the sound of a llama!) was absolutely hilarious!
Trish and I cracked up laughing, and then in PERFECT
unison said, "How does that go again?"!!!!! We
sat in the
hallway and laughed for five minutes. I love Trish and

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