Hugh Jazz

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2005-02-08 03:41:35 (UTC)

Jan. 29, 2005

YAYAYAYAYAYY!!!! This is the second day (I should say

night) of my "girls weekend" with Mom. Yesterday she came
to my voice lesson...I was really nervous at first because
I never sing in front of her or dad unless I have a solo
at a concert or if I have to sing at a wedding...but when
I worked on this German solo I'm auditioning for I did
really well. I was relieved. We went bumming all over the
place...I can't even remember everything we did or
everywhere we went. I do remember that we went to Kohl's
and my $25 gift card has thus far gotten me a sweater, a
long sleeve shirt, three halter tops, and a stuffed cow!
MOO! And I STILL have money left on it! BOOYAH,
I have a HORRIBLE headache again...go figure. But I do
want to say that I will now have that dang "Only thing to
do is jump over the moon..." stuck in my head for the next
month. It happened the first time I ever heard Liz
Rajasekhar sing it...I went around singing it for like
three was pathetic. Oh I also did a strip show
around Westnedge. It was funny but I won't go into detail.
Also Emmo is an aunt again! She's gonna be the first to
have a girl in that family. I can guarantee it!

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