Albus Lupusolus
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2005-02-08 02:40:04 (UTC)

you know what i need?

i need to make the idiot hunting season legal. i mean there
are people out there that just deserve to be taken out of
this world because all they fucking do is make it worse on
others and on themselves. what the. they just cant
think "hey wait this may actually make my life easier (or
someone elses)" nope instead they just become total fucking
basterds that just desereve to be taken out of there
misery. we need to make a group of elite people to go
around and start killing all fucking basterd idiots and
call it the idiot hunting season.
anyways now that i got that out of my system. im doing my
precal homework (well suposidly). since it is getting
repetetive i decided to write. many people (2) with
problems that they are going through right now. if it was
how many i have helped before then i would say a lot. and i
dont mine helping but they could atleast try not to make
the same mistake the 3rd time you know. she comes to me for
advice and i help her but i can only give advice in the end
it is still her choice and from what i have been told by
her she is not that good under pressure. you know what im
going to tell her this. its kinda of a good idea to tell
people when they have a weakness and they dont see it
(unless ofcourse you hate them then its okay not to tell
them) i wonder how long would it take for someone to
recognize who's diary this is i mean i used something i
never say as a screen name pnktrky its not like there isnt
a day that i dont say this (lol) bow that is funny. i have
had a person remember me just because of this. its kinda
like my signeture saying "I wish I had a PINK TURKY" yes in
real life i actually capitalize my i's. i am in a good mood
though i got to talk to kari and i got to talk to george on
friday (and im still feeling the affects of it 3 days
later) maybe i should right how me and goerge got together.
and maybe i should start calling george by her real name
before people start thinking im gay. yup i think i will do
that. so i talked to stephanie on friday. and probably will
have to wait almost 2 weeks to talk to her again that
sucks. well what do you know life sucks. Tell Me Something
New. people complain about how life sucks but it will most
likely always will. so i will keep on complaining that life
sucks (it is not suposed to make any sense). mmmmmm...
mmmmmmmmm... chocolate filled bread with milk. okay im
definately in a good mood now. there is only one thing
missing pizza and stephanie, mainly stephanie. i miss her.
hey stephanie guess what im stephaniesick (homesick for
those who dont get it) well there goes my good mood god dam
it. you know what i need to actually maybe give some
background info about me like my age and where i come from
and all of the other juicy stuff. i think that might help.
well since i have precal to work on not to mention ap us
history also i'll leave you'll with this. life is not black
or white if you made it into a beeded string it would be
white and black, but there would always be one more whit
beed, good thing, than a black beeds, bad thing, you just
need to realize that it is there.

p.s. mmmmmmmm... milk an chocolate filled bread

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