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2005-02-08 02:31:29 (UTC)

Memorable Weekend

I dont even know where to begin. For numerous reasons kal
and I decided to take a trip home to Savona this weekend.
It began with me getting my nails done by a Korean who
couldnt speak english yet tried conversing with me. I was
forced to pull the nod and smile and hope that she would
stop talking....she didnt. It was so awkward having to
say "what" or "excuse me" repeatedly. Once that was over
we started our quick drive to the boonies all the while
listening to the new mix cd that we made. I must say it
really is great. Kal being the fabulous hostess that she
is stopped at the liquor store on the way home so that I
could go in a buy two nice bottles of wine. When I went
to checkout the cashier interrogating me about my ID and
how it must be fake since its from
lady. From the liquor store we traveled to the grocery
store to pick up food for ME to cook for Kal...can you see
now why she is such a great hostess?

By 6:30 we were both wasted. By 10 we were out at the
bars with a bunch of kals friends drinking some more. I
cant say exactly how much I had to drink but it was
upwards of 15 shots....yeah it was a rough night. Good
thing about the whole night was that I convinced all sorts
of random guys to buy the drinks all night. Apparently I
met some guy that claimed he was a model and I proceeded
to tell him there was no way in hell he was a model
because he is too damn ugly. He still bought me drinks
though. Around midnight we called one of kals high school
teachers...can we say wasted. We left the bar when it
closed and Ive been told that by this point in time I
couldnt stand up anymore....good thing for kal to help me
to the car. Poor Josh had to pull over like 5 times so I
could get out of the car and attempt to throw up. One of
the times kal and I slipped on a patch of ice and ended up
in a heap in the middle of the road...real safe. We
finally get home after making a pit stop at Dennys (I do
not remember this at all) and I proceed to put on Kal's
moms shoes go outside and still feel sick. Somewhere in
the middle of this Jeff passed out, I put a sweatshirt on
backwards and claimed I was being suffocated, and we all
convened in the bathroom for a heart to heart. All very
touching I know. Per usual after a night of heavy
drinking we were all up early and I realized I had
misplaced my phone and wallet...the phone was quickly
found the wallet was not. Kal and I went on an hour and a
half search for the wallet...calling the bars and even
looking on the sides of the street where I got out to
throw all proved to be fruitless. We got home and
I looked one more time and lifted up the pants I wore the
night before and out fell the wallet. No one ever said I
was a genius.

Literally the entire day I was sick...throwing up until
the late afternoon. Somehow miraculously I managed to
pull myself together in just enough time to go out on
Saturday. There was no drinking to be done that night.
However, we still had a great time. A bunch of kids kal
hadnt seen in a while showed up at the bar and we ended up
talking to them for hours. Made friends with the sketchy
old men at the bar and again got free drinks...this time
all for kal. That night it was kal that did the passing
out and the pulling over to puke routine. I cant believe
Josh did that for us two nights in a row. The best part
of that night was by far kal getting hit on by a 70 year
old and kal fighting with this asshole (happens to be the
same asshole that claimed he was a model the night before)
and most importantly kal getting home and stumbling around
the kitchen when her mom came downstairs and witnessed her
daughter completely obliterated.

Even though the weekend was far from perfect and I most
likely now have a permanent aversion to some types of
liquor I wouldnt have changed it for the world. We had a
great time making drunken fools out of ourselves and
spending time with some great guys. I even met a nice guy
that I actually like even though I only spent one night
with him. Most likely nothing will come of it...but hey
it was fun anyways. I think sometimes you just need to
get away and be with people, most of whom are strangers,
and really let yourself go and do stupid shit, embarass
yourself, and laugh about it all the next day. I cant
wait to do it all over again.

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