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2005-02-08 01:55:59 (UTC)

Fed 07, 2005...Poems Cont.

How's it hangin'?

Well I forgot I had this online diary thingy. XD So, yea I
decided to type somemore of my poems and shtuff.
Unfortunately our Social Studies teacher is back from a
long absense...boo! So, yea the only thing enertaining in
my class is Derrick. I talked to him 'till 11 last night!
I can't believe it! We're close friends even though we
only met this year. ^_^ He told me that I was like a girl
version of him. lol. We have so many things in common. We
even had a conversation of what we were going to wear the
next day! XD I still owe him a hug...

Anyways...I didn't day much to Ronniw today. I only talked
to him for like a split second in Science. I'll be sure to
pay attention to him tomorrow. Alright, so enough about me
and on to my poems!


Cutting confuses things, messes with my mind
When everything seems simple and right
One little cut throws me into an abyss
Things change, mu mind disarranged
Left turns to right
It's funny how something I use to love so much, can cause
this much disgust.
Don't get me wrong
It still plays it's part
In helping me heal...
To cover up the pain that's so unreal
Bleed it to make me feel
But now it doesn't seem right
After weeks of going right
One simple cut can throw that out of sight
Like the blood fills your mind
Clouding your vision, clouding your sight
It's a disease I just can't get rightinside my mind
Little red slashes now replace left and right
I don't need order now to survive
I can just lie
Blame it on the cat, its all I have
See how things have changed, black is now white
Everything is out of sight...