The Diary of a Dead Girl..
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2005-02-07 23:58:57 (UTC)

I don't know.. Any advice is greatly appreciated..

I feel as if maybe I am only staying with my best firned
because she is all I have. Lately I have just been really
pissed off with everything. She obssesses over everything
stupid, she can never be serious, she's immature, I just
don't know. I guess I am scared to be alone. And if I
forget about her that is what I will be. Alone. I just
don't know how much I can take. I mean, I love her and
sometimes she can be great but other times she's just so..
annoying.. and I guess I am sticking around basically for
all the times where she is okay which seems to be reducing
more and more each day. And she doesn't realize things..
Like when she says "I'm emo, I'm depressed" and she's like
never depressed I know this for a fact. She's always happy
and she's always hyper and I just find it to be very fake-
ish and annoying. She throws around the word emo like it's
some kind of compliment when to some people emo is
certainly not a compliment. Then she wants to say she
isn't stereotypical. An emo person is a stereotype. The
music is good, I like it, but I would not go around
telling people I am an "emo kid" basically because I can't
stand stereotypes. Apparantly she doesn't like them either
but she sure doesn't act like it. Josh finds her
annoying.. I don't know anymore. i just feel like I will
go insane if I have to go through the childishness much
longer. I mean, she's older than me but she acts like a 4
year old and she's proud of this. I don't know what to
do.. Stick with it or give up and be alone?

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