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2005-02-07 23:45:59 (UTC)

In loving memory of J.P. Rosciglione

Friday night was just a regular night for me. i was at work
and tired and ready to leave. (i work at the mills mall so
we were busy). when i did i noticed a horrible accident on
highway 370. i didnt think anything of it except i hoped
everyone was okay. that wish didnt come true...
i found out this afternoon that my friends cousin was
killed in a car accident on friday night. i asked if it was
on 370 and she said yea. i told her i saw it... she told
me it was Jp and he worked at cingular at mills mall. i
didnt think right away.. then it hit me.. it was the same
JP that i had hung out with after work a lot and the same
person who was awesome in everyway.
she told me he was killed in that accident-- he was driving
down the highway when i guy behind him was weaving in and
out of traffic. he hit jp and jp spun around.. then the guy
hit jp again causing him to hit the median and flip the
car. jp was thrown through the windshield and hit by a
truck. when his parents came, the police couldnt show the
body because it was so beat up. all his parents got to see
to rememeber their 20 year old son was his left hand that
was under the white sheet. they got his shoe and wallet off
the highway and thats all they have of him... the man had
sped away but was caught later on. he had a criminal record
and been drinking...
JP didnt deserve this!! how can someone be so careless. the
man is being charged for what he did. his name is jarrel
and 42 years old... he killed my friend and i hope he never
gets to see the light of day again...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A Prayer *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
-- I dont know why this has happened and to an innocent
young boy who hasnt had a chance to really live. I pray his
parents get better and that they understand he is in a
better place... i give all the greivances in the world to
them and his little sister and girlfriend.--- J.P.- you are
one of the most amazing people i have ever known. you
always made me laugh and made everything seem like it was
gonna be okay. you will be in my dreams and in my heart
forever and for always.. im so sorry this happened to you...
in loving memory of
J.P. Rosciglione,
20 years old...
RIP--- June 14,1984 - February 4,2005~~
you will be remembered always..

people dont drink and drive please-- you could kill
yourself or someone else who is a loved one... dont let
your friends drink and drive either... please... i hope you
all never have a story like this to tell and haunt your
thoughts for the rest of your life...

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