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2005-02-07 23:33:21 (UTC)

febuary 7, 2005

hey today was gay seriosuly damnit im mad.... so gay my
best friends arnt talking to me and i cant wait till i get
all my exams over to just get to high school! get so much
more freedom seriously im so freeking mad... like for
real, we were in "car-line" pick up and this girl in my
classes little sister came over to talk to her and the
teacher yelled at her to stay in her line im like how gay
come on we cant even go anywhere at dismissle now how gay
im so mad with my school yeah im watching tv and now i
found out that my mom my sis my aunt and my bro are all
leaving to go to miami for his school. so yeah haha lol me
nd chrissy and dad are gonna have the house to ourselves!
seeing how dads not home all the time... me nd chrissy
party!!! lol no not really i dont have the guts to do that
lol but still im mad about it too that they arnt taking ways i have tests tomarow i havnt studied for at
all! so i gotta go. just thought u schould know that aj
and john think its funny that they arnt talking to me. im
so mad, he knows it makes me mad too. nd i kno now that i
dont like him seriously i havnt talked to him in like 5
days. well i gotta get a load of laundry in so im out. you
dont know what its like for them to do this to me. ne who
one more thing now that i think of it. patrick might come
to the carnival well my carnival lol errr im really scared
to meet him cause dawn says hes such a bad kid and stuff
so idk i dont want him to hate me and stuff. so yeah now i
really have to go to the bathroom lol bye
xxxoooo serena

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