My Aphrodisiac
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2005-02-07 22:57:11 (UTC)

Lame Game

You tried to play me for the fool
But you ain't know this is my game!
I'm the Queen
Therefore I rule!
So save all of that bullshyt
Cuz I'm not your everyday ordinary chick
All that game you're trying to kick...
Baby, I've been there and done that
Played one similar to yours...
But you didn't catch that
I told you for everyone that won't there's one that will
I had a void and it needed to be filled
Time and time again I've had to tell you about yourself
So what am I to do now?
What am I to say?
There's nothing left...
That's why I've thrown up my hands in symbolization of me
giving up
I'm quite sure I can find anther man that's willing to
step up