It smells like poop over here
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2005-02-07 22:36:48 (UTC)

we sit on front porches and swing life away...

we get by just fine here on minimum wage, if love is a
labor ill slave till the end, i won't cross these streets
until you hold my hand." that's rise against, they're
newest CD "Siren song for the counter culture" kicks ass.
i can't wait till i have the internet at my house, so i
won't have to do this at work, and have to worry about
stupid ass people reading what i write. im outta money, im
outta drugs i now weigh 250 pounds and im sure im about
3000 in debt. but i got some avacor, so hopefully ill have
hair soon, and im going to the gym tomorrow. i will not be
ugly for the rest of my life. peace you punk bitches.