Alexander Dark
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2005-02-07 19:44:17 (UTC)


Oh yeah...i forgot to mention something.After some days I
talked to the host and she said that the other day she
talked to the girls that were at the party.This very cute
girl likes me but she has a boy friend.I heard he hangs out
at the bar and he is well built.I could take him down
easily....i cheat.I will just wait....this weekend i was ill
and couldnt get out of the house.The problem is that my
parents musnt see my grades this week but i think they will
contact my head teacher.So...the reason why girls dont like
me...drums please....lightsits bcoz i am to morbid and i
creppy and i think of dead all the time.I was playing at the
party a game and i was saying at each hour that we are all
going to die and explained how...of course each time was
different.They said i had a nice bum.I think its a lie.Any
suggestions ?

Mood:dunno...waiting for fate
Music:AB4 - Cold