2005-02-07 19:40:30 (UTC)

New guy, new outlook on life...

Wow. You will not believe the night I had. A certain guy
that works all the time at a certain food establishment I
adore is very hmm... adorable.

One day, while getting back on track I've stopped into
this place since I noticed it's the closest one to my
house. This very cute, and attractive looking guy greeted
me with a sexy smile, and I greeted him the same way.

Next time he started talking to me.
Then we started flirting and talking more and more
whenever I came in.

Finally he asked me out. (By the way the guy I wrote about
in my last entry could not compare, and he's got a
girlfriend. Which is fine, because as I move on you'll
understand why there isn't another like this guy.)
But anyway, he works alot. About 50 hours a week.
So it's saturday and he opened at11 and he's gonna close
at midnight. So I'm thinking, ideal. He was suppose to
call me after he got off.

We couldn't figure out what to do or where to go so he
just picked me up. I guess he was trying to impress me
because he borrowed his brothers jeep instead of taking
his small little car. (I don't care really, sure it was a
little bit more classy, but it wouldn't have made much
difference.) So he sais he needs to stop by Jewel and pick
up some Lysol. I'm thinking, ummm... okay.
So we go to Jewel, and he's treating me like a lady, the
whole time, opening doors and things like that.
So we're standing in the cleaning isle looking for THE
RIGHT Lysol. I show him a bottle of what I thought was the
right one, he starts smelling it, he sais it smells good
but it's not the one he's looking for.

So we move on, back to the car. While driving by a pool
hall (and making small talk) I suggest going to a pool
hall. So we go to Chris's where he usually goes. Mind you
there is some tention between us the whole time. I wanna
kiss him, hug him, or atleast hold his arm while we walk.
He has it in his eyes, I can tell, that look of, I want to
be kissing her right now. But it's too soon, I mean we
just left the lysol isle. (Mind you I thought he was gonna
be so boring because of that since I'm a TS, I was hoping
he'd be an RA, which I thought he was, from that I got the
impression that he's an S as well, so I thought it's not
gonna work.)

So we play some pool. 2 games. He wins the first by a
ball, and the second by all the balls practically. In the
first game I started just walking around the table,
sacheing, or leaning over by him, to distract him, and it
worked most of the time. He wanted to play for clothes.
NOthing got taken off. After one of his turns, I guess he
couldn't stand it any longer, we kept crossing each others
paths and looking at each other like that, but eventually
I'd look away. So finally he just kissed me. I was taken
back. Literally. He's passionate, and I've never been
kissed like that. So my head started going back. Very
good. (I felt very comfortable around him the whole time.
That was most important though.) Later he was sitting and
thinking of what should he do for his next move, and I sat
in his lap, we kissed again, and got a little closer
kinda. I told him he should think about it a little longer.
So we built a connection in that matter.

As were walking out from the pool hall he gave me a piggy
back ride back. He said that normally he would carry me on
his shoulders. So I asked if he could carry me in his
arms. So he did. I love that. He put me down after a few
steps, which I understand since he's just been working all
day, he shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff. But right
after that he made out with me even more passionately.
Like wow, I was yet again, and even more, taken aback. I
loved it though. He was in control, I didn't expect him to
do that. He had his hands on my face, we were kissing, I
was walking backwards for a short while there, then we
kinda changed and just walked in the direction of the car.
He opened the door for me, I buckled up by the time he got
into the car. When he got in the car, he started really
kissing me again. I was hoping he didn't think that
something was gonna happen, but the belt was restricting
me, so I unbuckled and kinda got my whole upper body more
on him. Then I don't know why, but I put my right leg onto
him. SO I was basically, almost in the passengers seat, on
him. After a little while, we seperate our faces. And he
sais: "You like coffee don't you?" I say yeah. "You know I
can make (name of the establishment) open." I'm like
really? He's like, yeah.

And so we get back in our seats and go there. It's
basically just around the corner. We were making sure were
not seen so that no one comes and calls the cops on us. He
makes a cappucino, and we go in the back. (It's about 2:15
or so) We're sitting on this stainless steel table top,
drinking coffee, talking kissing for just a sec. He then
gets off, leaves the coffee on the side and really starts
kissing me. His hands were all over my back, stomach,
sides, hips, the sides of my face, my but at times, and at
one point my legs. With that last one I was trying to
figure out what he was doing. I had jeans on with long
boots. But he still managed to pull up my jeans until he
got to the top of my boots. I asked him what he was doing.
(Making sure he didn't want to pursue this to yet another
level.) So he sais he just wants to feel my legs. Which is
fine cause in the spring and summer I like showing those
things off. (I was a little concerned cause I didn't shave
though. But whatever.) He was kissing me so well. It was
all about the lips. He wasn't shoving his tongue down my
throat. I love that. He was ideal. He'd pull my shirt up,
but he knew where to stop. He just wanted to kiss my skin
and not my shirt. He kissed my boobs, and I guess he might
have not enjoyed that too much since I had a braw on. It's
not like he got anything close to the full affect with
that. I could tell he preferred touching my skin right on
rather then through cloth. (Doesn't everybody prefer that
though?) So I couldn't have this anymore. He's fantastic,
but he's... I'm not really getting to know him. I want a
relationship not just this. We talk a little while this.
I'm trying to make some conversation. (Mind you were not
furiously making out, it's just passionate, with a tempo
that takes rests to just stand nose to nose and look in
each others eyes.)

So he later asks me what attracted me to him. I tell him,
that he's got a great smile, these big attractive eyes.
The things he sais whenever I come in. He asks me what
things. So I tell him, you know how you respond when I say
good morning in the evening, how you always try to fool me
out of my money, how you joke around. Then it's his turn.
He sais that he's attracted to me, just because of the way
I am. How I present myself. (Yeah I know what he means, I
get attention from that alot.) Then what surprised me even
more, and kinda scared me a bit was, he looked at me even
more alluring, and said: mh, you're just so... and that's
when he kissed me so much more pationately that I was
backing up in to the fridge. (At this point we've switched
places. He was sittig and I was in front of him.) So I'm
against the fridge and he's kissing me so well. We stop,
we're so close still. We back up to the place kiss a
little more, and we here this thump on the side.

He tells me to stay down. We get out of there, get back in
the car. He spots a familiar vehicle. A guy that delivers
stuff to the business near by. So he's staying low. I get
in, he then tells me to drive, I scootch and he crouches
in the passanger seat. I'm Freaking out royally this whole
time. But we get out of there, change seats. I'm worried
he's gonna lose his job, but he then tells me not to
worry. That thump must have been either some one trying to
look in and see what we were doing or a drunk passing by,
that we weren't seen not to worry. I take his hand, hoping
holding it will calm me down. Not really. I tell him that
he's something else. That I shouldn't come in there
anymore. He said that, that would be suspicious. So I
gotta come in. Understanding his logic I agree.

As he's driving me home I tell him that he kisses like a
maniac. He tells me the same. We're infront of my house
and we're talking in the car. I do have to go though. It's
3 in the morning, and he needs to go to sleep since he's
been working all day and is going to be working all day.
today. So I kiss him goodnite. As I'm going for the door,
he takes my left hand and pulls me in for another kiss,
while saying don't leave me. (Or something like that.) We
make out some more, pause a little here and there, talk
about how I have to go, and he wants me to stay. It's so
pleasant just to be in that position and be looking in his
eyes, smile gently every now and then, it's beautiful. So
I finally leave.

Call him the next morning at 10:30 or so, and say morning
sunshine. We exchange a few words. He calls me that night,
when he has some time. I told him I wanted to see him
before I leave for Nashville this Thursday at midnight. He
said he has no time. (I knew he wanted to see me, but
seriously, he's got two days off, in which he goes to
school, plays soccer, and cleans his house.) So we agreed
to have lunch after class on Thursday.
It's monday, that's a little far away, but I must keep
focused. There is so much to do in my business and I keep
slacking off. I have him to think of when it comes to
staying on top of the business.

Not to mention Teresa moved back, I finally met Isaiah.
Sorry it's a big deal but I'm only writting a little blurb
cause I've been writing here for about 40 minutes about
how fantasticly I like this guy.

P.S. He's an AS not an S.
Ciao now