2005-02-07 19:17:43 (UTC)

About Me

Name: Joshua Ryan McInturf
Nicknams: Turf, Joshua Ryan, JR
Birth Date: September 5, 1984

Food: Mexican or Italian
Color: Blue
Number: 9
Holiday: My Birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
Vacation: Cocoa Beach, Florida
CD: Don't Know
Singer: Don't Know
TV Show: Friends and American Idol
Movie: Coach Carter
Sport: Bowling and Baseball

Hugs or Kisses: Both
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
Cheering or Playing: Playing
Dog or Cat: Cat

1. Where you go to School? Ivy Tech State College
2. If you could have one thing in life that you could take
back, what would it be? the choices I made in high school,
I could have been a better student than what I was.
3. Have a b/f or g/f (depending on your sex)? ~sigh~ NO
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? finished with my
degree in physical therapy, atleast in a office working
with physical therapy with patiens and maybe someday
opening up my own business...and whatever else GOD has
planned for me later in life.

There may be other questions or something else that could
have been written down. If you have some things that you
think I could have added let me know. Also if you have a
diary on here or you can also email me, please send
something like this back to me, so I can learn a little
more about you.

*Joshua Ryan*

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