Giving it a try
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2005-02-07 18:22:50 (UTC)

First entry

I am just trying this out for fun, I don't have a whole lot
of time now so this first entry will be pretty short.
Basically, I have heard a bunch of stuff about how good
having a diary is for you, like how you can release some of
those internal emotions that have been festerin up inside.

My ex-girlfriend has one and I've learned so much about her
since she started writing, so maybe it'll work the other
way too. I don't really want to talk about all that right
now, but I'm sure their will be plenty of entries about
that later.

I'm also hoping that I can learn a lot about myself. Maybe
if I write down all the times that I screw up, I can see
something that I never saw before.

Well for now, back to work. I've got a paper that I'm
working on and so far my professor is telling me I'm doing
a good job, so I guess I'll put some more down.

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