Cowgirl Up
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2005-02-07 15:46:52 (UTC)

another day in a rednecks life

my first entry. well ill tell alittle bout myself. im
Dixie and im 15. my best friend is Bo aka amanda. i have
three big dogs and 1 little one. (the three are at my
aunts) me and amanda have 5 chickens which we keep at her
house. i like to hang out at amanda's and go horseback
riding. amanda rides on Bandit(her ford) and i ride on
Buster (her chevy) i have lots of fun. i finally have the
good life that ive wanted for a long time. me and Bo hang
out at her house and lane and jordan come over and we go 4-
wheelin. its lots of fun and i wouldnt trade it for nothin.
i also finally have the one true friend i know i can count
on now... Bo. we're just alike in every way and if i didnt
know better, id swear she was my sister. well thats all for