My lil life!
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2005-02-07 15:31:18 (UTC)

Feb07 Am i a fool?

Dear Diary,

Yes today I did send Coney some cash. So im guessing now
she’d have to reason to text me now that iv sent her some. I
dunno whether to feel happy that I’ve help someone or feel
stupid that im just being used. I think I feel more happy
than the latter. I know im doing something good and that has
to count in some way.
School was more or less the same. I tried opening a savings
account in the bank near school but then couldn’t cuz they
thought I was foreign and asked me for a alien certificate.
I’l just get my passport and do it again some other day.
A school friend burned the Paris Hilton scandal for me and a
bunch of other bangbus and shit. But too bad I Paris Hilton
scandal didn’t burn well so I couldn’t watch it.

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