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2005-02-07 14:58:42 (UTC)


im off skool 2day...kinda wanted 2 go 2 skool but mum
wudnt let me...o well...i was round at my bros 4 abit an
helped him clear out the garage...his m8s cumin round
2nite 2 draw a mad pic on the wall...

las nite was shit!...1st i was in a big state cos jack was
reli ill...(hes fine now, jus got the cold stil) i
was bein sick an cudnt sleep an my hed reli reli hurt...i
dont mind hedaches but that reli funkin hurt!!! mite b cos
iv hit it so much recently...i nearly passed out las nite
an my mum asked me if it was maybe cos i ad hit my sounds stupid but that scared me...i totaly over
react wiv everyfin...i reli dont like things that r
potecialy harmful...nefin that cud cause nefin (even if
its not likely 2) reli gets me worked up if i fink bout
it...i always expect the worst!! wen the fone rings
in the nite or theres at nock at the door l8 i always fink
mthe worst...(i did jus rite wot i fort it wud b an then
decided that i probly shudnt rite it down...cud cause

im reli quite pissed off at myself at the mo 4
complainin...i no that utha ppl have 'real' 'in ur face'
problems...if u no wot i meen...mine r sumtimes jus in my
hed an hings probly seem so insignificant 2 most ppl but i
jus cant deel wiv things as well as ne1 else...